We offer many different workshops and presentations to further
educate on the details and importance of a variety of different topics.

  • Workstation Ergonomics Assessment
  • Active Aging
  • Understanding Cholesterol
  • Maintaining A Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Insulin Resistance & Metabolic Disorders
  • Oh My Aching Back
  • Getting A Good Night Sleep
  • Effectively Managing Time
  • Eating Mediterranean
  • Four Steps To A More Organized Life
  • Supermarket Survival
  • Cooking Up Family Fun
  • Holiday Survival
  • Strength Conditioning For Life
  • Exercise For Busy Bodies
  • Lunch: Eat Up For Energy
  • Stress Busters: Managing Stress
  • Stocking The Perfect Pantry
  • Quick & Healthy Meals
  • Eat Well Live Better
  • American Heart Association: Instructor who certifies in CPR-First Aid-AED